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 About Scoutcloud

Scoutcloud is a professional tool for location scouts to manage and share their images in an online library. Scouts upload their images, and easily manage, search and share them with clients all in one convenient location. 

Each scout has their own home page where they can add pictures and information. There is a client login as well where clients can search and approve images for their specific job.

How Scoutcloud works 

Scoutcloud prompts you to add the client or production company to your list. From that point on you use a drop down menu to assign future jobs with the relevant company.

Next you create a specific job and upload files. With each file you are prompted to add contact info, cost, date shot, etc. Scoutcloud then asks if you want to share that job with the general library, or an individual scout.

Finally, create a master page to send to the director. You can add notes and easily reorder. When it’s time to send the selects, the producer can click on the pictures and folders they want to share and send it directly to the agency. No need to find a wifi hotspot to alter the site.

When searching for files you can revisit archived jobs, browse through your locations, or search by tag words -- both in your own library and the shared library. 

The key is information  

The more information you put into the system, the more the system will work for you. Scoutcloud's search engine makes for a powerful and timing saving tool in your search for the right locations.

Beyond creating and managing files and web pages, Scoutcloud has many other features including a searchable zone map, tally of your union days, a gallery to showcase your best images, and a simple one-line resource to find contact info for your locations.

Welcome to Scoutcloud!

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